The husband and me with our shades.

I’m a midwestern girl– I absolutely love fresh tomatoes and buttery corn on the cob in the summer. But one day, while watching the garbage truck sputter along the road, I wondered… can I ever really throw something “away?” That’s a pretty vague term for the places we hide our waste.

After exploring many blogs and articles, I realized that it is well past time for us to stop being so ignorant about our waste. I was so obsessed with convenience and “being so busy” that I flat out didn’t care (and “didn’t have time to care”) that I was destroying this planet, one Dairy Queen spoon at a time.

The dog. She likes to run.

I’m not an expert at green-ifying my life. But by reading inspirational blogs and interacting with other people who are living with purpose by cutting out waste and choosing simplicity over disorder, this blog will reflect an arsenal of knowledge to share with you!

Through the blog, I wanted a way to document trials and successes of using more homemade products and choosing not to play the consumerism game. What it’s turned into is a bit of eco-conscious living, and a good deal of Minimalism. If you haven’t already, check out the Minimalism links on the right side of the page. Those writers and authors have unleashed new passion inside of their readers. Less meaningless stuff, less clutter; more values. More life passion.

This blog is much more for learning and interaction than entertainment, so comments are always welcome. Thank you for reading.

High fives all around!


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  1. Seed to Salad says:

    I like your eye.

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