Goal #3: Values Veto.

All the stuff I bring to the grocery store... whew!

Since December, I have been bringing my own containers when shopping for meat and cheese at the store. It only takes a few minutes of planning at home, the health department hasn’t caught me, and since I’m not throwing out styrofoam or plastic trays, there’s a minimum of foul-smelling chicken juice lingering in the trash mid-week.

But while gleefully holding my Pyrex container and weighing my meat options last week at Hy-Vee, I peeked down at the yellowy-fluorescent-lighted display of chicken breasts that looked far too settled in their places to be “fresh.” Oh no. Was this the only poultry available to suit my eco-value of having as little packaging as possible? Would cooking this rubbery, squeaky batch of meat be worth the money and landfill space I would save?

The values veto.

I couldn’t do it. I instead bought the always-delicious Just Bare chicken, which was a fabulous deal (the same quality meat would be $3 more at Whole Foods). Though it was glistening in plastic, deciding to buy that product instead of something more green-friendly was the best option for me. Consider it my values veto. In this case, what is better for the environment is not necessarily as healthy for me. That can sound a bit selfish, but right now, it’s where I am on my green journey.

I would LOVE a garden like this!

And perhaps this values veto will encourage growth in other areas, like writing to companies to improve packaging. Or buying healthier food from local farms. Or growing my OWN food.

Oh, the possibilities.

About bornagaingreen

I love to interact with people who are excited about their passions! Decreasing my impact on the planet and increasing my family's health are high on my values list, along with minimizing distractions from a meaningful life. Share your story with me! Let's move forward and give a voice to our values and passions, one interaction (or lots!) at a time.
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4 Responses to Goal #3: Values Veto.

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  3. sarah says:

    like it. way to be flexible and prove that it is not about making a point and having to follow a way of rules. if your guilty pleasure is buying packaged chicken, that says a lot about how awesome you are! 🙂 for me … my guilty pleasure is still using cotton balls, i’m afraid 😉

    • Thanks, Sarah! This journey has to be flexible, or else I think I’ll feel like a failure and quit far from the finish line. My trash is down to 3/4 of a grocery bag per week! Photos coming soon. Thanks for reading the blog.

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