Starting Somewhere.

When embarking on this green journey, I realized I had to start somewhere. So let’s talk about recycling.

Recycling Benefits

1. Keeps plastics and other materials from polluting our parks, streets, etc, where they can be ingested by animals, children, or hungry drunken college guys.

2. Saves energy; recycling aluminum cans saves 95% of the energy used to make cans from virgin ore.

2. Can teach kids how to be responsible for their waste. Just make sure they don’t tell their teacher that she’s a garbage monster for not recycling her water bottle. That would be a good time to work on manners.

Recycling Issues

The Kleen Canteen keeps your drink at the right temp and doesn't start to smell funky like with plastic!

1. Plastic bottle caps, as least for now, mostly cannot be recycled since the plastic is a different type than the bottle.

This is hard to avoid, as many glass bottles have plastic caps as well. Or you could make art out of the caps like this talented artist.

2. If materials are too dirty when they get to the recycling plant, they are tossed into a bin which goes to the landfill.

3. Why not use glass or stainless steel instead? They’re fun, last forever and are COOL!

I still recycle, especially since most items received I have little control over (W-2 forms came in the mail, husband ordered a pizza…). Recycling is good. But next to zero waste is better.

Thus, the journey continues.

About bornagaingreen

I love to interact with people who are excited about their passions! Decreasing my impact on the planet and increasing my family's health are high on my values list, along with minimizing distractions from a meaningful life. Share your story with me! Let's move forward and give a voice to our values and passions, one interaction (or lots!) at a time.
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