Let’s Get Down to Business.

I started “going green” a few months ago, after watching a horrifyingly motivational video from Beth Terry of the blog My Plastic Free Life. She completely opened my eyes to what I could do as one person to change my selfish ways of living.

Boo! This shouldn't happen!

And it’s not just plastic; it’s waste. We waste energy. Water. Food. Oil. Gas. Perfectly fixable hair scrunchies. Health. Memories. Time. LIFE.

Stop wasting. Start living.

Starting…. NOW!

Right after I find that scrunchie.

About bornagaingreen

I love to interact with people who are excited about their passions! Decreasing my impact on the planet and increasing my family's health are high on my values list, along with minimizing distractions from a meaningful life. Share your story with me! Let's move forward and give a voice to our values and passions, one interaction (or lots!) at a time.
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